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Jul 19, 2022

Primer: Upgrading the state with James Plunkett

An exciting new project where Mark and Darius go deep with some of the most inspiring people in digital government, policy and technology.

The first interview is with James Plunkett, author of End State (one of the Guardian’s political books of the year). In his book James explores nine big social problems and nine radical ways to put things right but what he says he’s really interested in are the projects these ideas are a part of: how do we upgrade the state so it’s capable of governing a 21st Century economy?

In the interview James explores…

  • Why does policymaking need to become more agile?
  • Are UBI and the 4 day week radical ideas destined to become common sense?
  • Did the UK government become more agile in response to the pandemic?
  • Is a crisis a terrible thing to waste?

…and lots more.

If you’re interested in radical thinking about how government and the third sector can help build a better state, listening to James will be 40 minutes of your life well spent!

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