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May 17, 2022

Using LEAN techniques in government

When you need an answer yesterday to stop spending money in the wrong direction

Have you ever had strong opinions from a senior stakeholder threaten to derail all your good work?

Or have you had to manage a fast-moving situation without the time for a traditional discovery or alpha to set you on the right track?

In this month’s Deep Dive video, Create/Change friend and long-time collaborator Aoife Ní Mhóráin shows how to use techniques borrowed from the Lean movement to get the evidence you need by “Being bold and taking a guess rather than slowly and carefully creeping up on the solution as we normally do in Government.”

Watch/listen the video on YouTube

In this Deep Dive:

👉 Discover how to speed up decision-making by “Putting the proposed solution front and centre. Fast.”

👉 Learn techniques that can help you stop spending time or money in the wrong direction by gathering quantitative data, quickly.

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