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Feb 06, 2023

Primer: Lessons learned from digital transformation in US government with Mark Schwartz

Our interview with the 'The Art of Bureaucracy' author and previous CIO at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services

For this new Primer Episode, we interviewed Amazon’s Mark Schwartz. He’s the author of several books like “War and Peace and IT” and ‘The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy” – sharing many of his lessons learned from the front lines of digital transformation.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast:

As CIO of US Citizenship and Immigration Services from 2010 – 17, Mark Schwartz sought to apply an empathic approach to digital transformation.

He also encouraged the federal government to adopt Agile and DevOps principles, overcoming their previous planet-sized policy for supervising technological system delivery.

In this Primer interview, you’ll hear some of Mark’s tips for working with execs from large organisations when doing digital transformation.

Listen now to hear how Mark transformed his organisation from a bad bureaucracy to a good one!


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