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Jun 28, 2024

Create/Change one of the UK’s fastest growing GovTech companies (again)

We're officially one of the UK's fastest-growing public sector technology companies for the second time in 3 years 🚀


Create/Change is in the Tech 200 from Tussell and techUK making us officially one of the UK’s fastest-growing public sector technology companies! 🚀

This is the second time in 3 years and we’re quietly optimistic we’ll be in next year too 🙂

Growth isn’t just financial of course – this year has been a step up in the capability and maturity of the company as our brilliant team help us grow and become even better at tackling the wicked public sector problems that we’re all passionate about.

A big thanks to all the clients who supported us in 2022-23, (many of whom I’m glad to say we’re still working with) and hello to some exciting new faces…

Ministry of Justice UK

Government Digital Service

Cabinet Office

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

University of the Arts London

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation


University of Cambridge

UK Home Office

NHS England

Department of Health and Social Care

A particular thanks to the individual public servants who’ve put their trust in us to help deliver better services, especially: Mark Stanley, Deepee Mann-Basra, Emily Campbell-Ratcliffe, Rachel Hope, David Dilley, Michelle Leong, Julian dos Remedios, Chris Mitchell, Bear Shaw, Lizzy Bell, Caroline East

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