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Feb 11, 2020

10 small things policy people can do to become more user-centred

Low effort, high value things you can do to see your policy work from a citizens point-of-view.

Go to a show&tell where a team is presenting user research insights.

Read this Government Digital Service (GDS) blog post explaining what Accessibility means.

Read this GDS Service Manual page about Assisted Digital.

Visit delivery teams and see what user research they are putting up on their team walls; talk to them about their user research findings and how the findings are informing their delivery.

Join your organisation’s Slack or equivalent channel for user research.

If your organisation has one, subscribe to its regular email digest of user research insights.

Read some user research transcripts and highlight any new (to you) insights you discover.

Take part in a user research insights discussion session with delivery teams in your organisation.

Observe or volunteer to take notes for a user researcher on a user research field trip.

Understand that you are not your user.

Photo Ben Terrett — ‘USERS’, Some Rights Reserved